Our Underground Tornado Shelters

We manufacture and install storm shelters. All steel, fully underground, in your garage floor. The safest type of Tornado Shelter you can own. Our shelters won’t crack like fiberglass or concrete. The upmost in protection against tornadoes and severe weather.

You have the ability to park your car in your garage and still access the shelter when bad weather happens. No need to move your vehicle or go out in the wind, hail, and rain.

The sizes and prices are as follows:




                 3' Wide x 7' Long x  4'6" Deep

                    = 21 sq ft $190.48 per sq ft


            4' Wide x 7' Long x 4'6"Deep

               = 28 sq ft $178.57 per sq ft


           5' Wide x 8' Long x  5' Deep

              = 40 sq ft $150.00 per sq ft


Installed in your garage (Park on top of it and still have access to get in)

Sliding, 1/4 " Steel Plate door with handle lock, quality 10 gauge Steel Walls surrounded by 4" of Concrete from top to bottom.

Coated with an epoxy/tar blend, that dries very hard. (Approved by US Corps. of Engineers on Dam Gates, Underground Gasoline Tanks, and Offshore Drilling Rigs)

Natural Air Exchange built into the lid design

4000 lb winch

Battery operated LED lighting

Stairs, Benches, and Floor are carpeted.

Removable Stairs and Benches

2 Piece Lid, where both lids open from the inside, with the stationary lid being an emergency exit.

25 Year Warranty against rust and leaks

GPS registered with your local Emergency Management Agency (where available), so if your area has an event they know where you are located and can get to you quickly.

Meets and Exceeds FEMA Guidelines, and the more strict ICC/NSSA standards for an EF5 Tornado

Normal installation of One Day

Please keep in mind, when shopping for a storm shelter, that you should always consider the number of house guests you may have, plus your family, when severe weather strikes the area. Some of the most devastating storms have hit during the holidays.

When shopping around for tornado shelters please keep in mind the actual dimensions and square footage (length X width). NOT the number of people they say it will hold. According to the FEMA 320 standards our 3X7 is a 7 Person Shelter, the 4X7 is a 9 Person Shelter, and our 5X8 is a 13 Person Shelter.