Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our shelters.

Below you will find our frequently asked questions and a few things to help you choose a shelter that is right for your family. 

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

When shopping around for tornado shelters please keep in mind the actual dimensions and square footage (length X width). NOT the number of people they say it will hold. FEMA 320 standards state 3 sq ft per person. That means a company could sell you a 3' X 4' shelter and legally say its a 4 person shelter. I don’t know about you but if I was in a 3x4 with 3 others I’m hoping they brushed their teeth and put on extra deodorant.

Storm shelters do not come in standard sizes. Our small shelter is the size of most of our competitors medium. We urge everyone to shop them by price per sq ft.

FEMA has set standards and you will find all reputable companies use 10 gauge steel walls and 1/4" steel doors, and encase them in concrete.

Our prices include shelter, installation, tax, dirt removal, clean up, a 4000 lbs winch, hand rail, removable stairs and benches, 3 battery operated swivel LED lights, and the stairs,benches and floor are carpeted.

Our shelters are registered with your local emergency management agency, where available, so if your area has an event they know where you are located and can get to you quickly. The shelters have natural air exchange built into the design.

We have been featured in 2 of the 2012 Vesta Home Show homes, and have donated shelters to the St Jude Dream Home for the last 2 years.

We never charge a fee to use your credit card. Financing is available and there is no application fee.


  Small Shelter

  3'wide x 7' Long x  4’6" Deep = 21 sq ft)

  $4000.00 = ($190.48 per sq ft)

 Medium Shelter

 4'wide x  7' Long x  4’6" Deep = 28 sq ft)

 $5000.00 = ($178.57 per sq ft)

 Large Shelter

 5' Wide x 8' Long x 5' deep = 40 sq ft)

 $6000.00 = ($150.00 per sq ft)

Please keep in mind when shopping for a storm shelter that you should always consider the number of house guests you may have plus your family when severe weather strikes the area. Some of the most devastating storms have hit during the holidays.

The benefit of our large shelter for a family with children is you can fit a queen size air mattress in it, allowing you to let the children sleep when the tornado warnings are occurring throughout the night..

Our installers have under gone drug testing,finger printing, a criminal background check, and are subject to random drug testing. (Providing peace of mind about who will be sent to your home.)

If you have any further questions please feel free to call, email,  or text 731-882-2531.